Monday, December 12, 2005

Daddy... Man... Daddy... Man

Flirting with Daddy
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This is Bella's current obesession. She converses quite effectively when we are really interacting, but sitting in her carseat or before going to sleep or just toddling around the house she babbles a lot, seeming to work things out for herself. Currently she seems to be working on gender. She repeats the words: "Daddy... Man... Daddy...Man" over and over. Sometimes she talks about Mama being a woman, too, and about other people but mostly it is Daddy. (Actually she was saying "Mama... Man" for awhile yesterday and we went back and forth about this for awhile! I think "man" is just a lot easier to say than "woman"--at least I hope that's it!)

I'm working on introducing the concept of "grownup," so I don't automatically attach a gender to everyone--and heck, with some of our magazines it is pretty much impossible to say for sure! We already are using "kid" and "baby."

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Okay, finally getting around to posting Halloween photos. I was happy to find this puppy costume for Isabella, since she likes doggies sooooo much. This picture is from the day before Halloween in Capitola, where they hold an annual costume parade down to the beach. I took several pictures of Bella running around on the beach--where I'm pretty sure dogs are not allowed!

Bella and her friend Liang

At the parade we ran into Bella's friend Liang, who is also adopted from China and is 2 days older. She was a lobster. Still, despite the species conflict, they seemed to get along very well for 20 month olds.

Click on either of the photo for LOTS more costume pictures and more photos with Liang.

With Natalie (and parents)

With Natalie - sliding
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Bella and Natalie had a playdate a few weeks back--and the parents got to play, too! We all had fun sliding, eating strawberries, and petting a pekinese in a little red wagon at a local park. Afterwards Natalie, Dana and Lester came over for dinner and a food fight (just kidding! it only seemed like that, but not for long with our lab mix around)

Here, you take the sunscreen

Natalie and Bella also had fun playing at the Accept picnic back in September. They found the best toy--a box!

Bella and Natalie are from the same county: Tonggu, Jiangxi Province, China.

Click on the picture for a link to LOTS more pictures of the two girls playing--and a few of the parents as well!

In Mama's sailor suit!

In Mama's sailor suit!
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This sailor suit belonged to me when I was a baby! I'm completely amazed my Aunt Jan kept it all these years--Thanks Aunt Jan! Click on the photo for more cute shots of Bella in this sailor suit.