Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Look at her Walking!

Look at her Walking!
Originally uploaded by Bella's mama.
Okay, she really is walking now, as of July 22nd. She played "fetch for about half an hour! Jeff joked that since we'd learned our parenting skills with dogs, it made sense that she'd be learning to walk by playing fetch. (Actually she's better at it than the dogs. Zima, especially just wonders why anyone would do something so boring and call it a game.)
Oh, and the ball she's using was given to her by Janus Blume, and was on the altar to celebrate Solstice, so maybe it had some magic in it!
(click on the photo for more walking shots, including one great one where she seems to be invoking her superpowers--more magic!)

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

At the Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival

The last weekend in June, we went up to Laytonville, California (150 miles north of San Francisco) to the Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival. Isabella really seemed to have a great time! She just loves music, and notices when the music is winding down and starts to clap! Even before everyone else! Plus there were a lot of attentive campmates around to dote on her and especially to FEED her!
We weren't sure how to handle sleeping arrangements, and even considered renting an RV till we saw how much that would cost. We ended up putting all our stuff in the tent and sleeping in our station wagon, with us in the back and MaoMaoChong in a special nest of pillows in the passenger seat. Everyone slept well, but the first morning after Bella woke up she cried for about 20 minutes. We imagined her thinking: "Is this my new house? It seems awfully small. I liked the last one better!" She cheered up after that, though. The howling pictures from the photo album are taken in the car the second morning.

Monday, July 11, 2005

What a smile!

Okay, this was already in there in the present opening section of the "album," but oh my, what a smile she's got!

In her Bear Towel

In her Bear Towel
Originally uploaded by Isabella Youlan.
On the other hand, maybe >this< is the cutest! She's just so adorable in her bear towel from Jenny and Mike and Alicia.

Just the cutest!

Just the cutest!
Originally uploaded by Isabella Youlan.
Okay, just blogging this because it is sooo cute! And you can tell she's really thinking as well. I think this was the second weekend home from China. She's gotten a lot bigger, I can see just from the face. And she's a LOT heavier, too!

Bella in "her" hat and glasses

She likes so much to imitate us, especially mama! Doesn't like to wear her own hats, though, and especially not the sunglasses.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Bella loves presents!

Bella has gotten quite a few presents since she returned. As usual at her age, she really loves to open the packages, and doesn't usually care as much about what is inside them. Mama and Daddy like the stuff inside, though!
Click on the photo for more present opening pictures. Most of these were from one big session of present opening where we had a camera ready. So many adorable moments don't get captured, but it's hard to play with her and photograph too!