Monday, December 12, 2005

Daddy... Man... Daddy... Man

Flirting with Daddy
Originally uploaded by Isabella Youlan.
This is Bella's current obesession. She converses quite effectively when we are really interacting, but sitting in her carseat or before going to sleep or just toddling around the house she babbles a lot, seeming to work things out for herself. Currently she seems to be working on gender. She repeats the words: "Daddy... Man... Daddy...Man" over and over. Sometimes she talks about Mama being a woman, too, and about other people but mostly it is Daddy. (Actually she was saying "Mama... Man" for awhile yesterday and we went back and forth about this for awhile! I think "man" is just a lot easier to say than "woman"--at least I hope that's it!)

I'm working on introducing the concept of "grownup," so I don't automatically attach a gender to everyone--and heck, with some of our magazines it is pretty much impossible to say for sure! We already are using "kid" and "baby."


Donna said...

Those pigtails are soooo cute! I can't wait until Gwen has that much hair!



C. Curmudgeon said...

So . . . it was you. Do we dare carry on conversations via blogs? You stumbled on mine? How did you learn it was me? From one of my posts? I mean the URL at the bottom with my signature?

The Cranky Curmudgeon